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Conquering the fear! Fieldwork for water resources management Ph.D. thesis

In 25-26 June 2019, I was in Manyas Lake watershed and occasionally in Bandırma to attend a field trip of the project I am in, in order to manage Manyas Lake more sustainably (you can see the lake's location in Figure 1). 
Figure 1. Location of Lake Manyas (or Kuş Lake (kuş gölü in Turkish, meaning bird lake), (Google Earth Pro v, 2016)
I was interested in Lake's shoreline mostly, as it is far easier to observe rather than monitoring the depth or middle points, in which at least a simple boat is required. There were also point of interest in places where the river discharges occur and also around Bird Paradise National Park. Anyway, as I am also known for my long distance walkings, and also runnings, I planned to walk throughout entire shoreline of the lake, which amounts to something like 60 km. Difficult to see in first time, it is not even half of the maximum distance one person can take in a casual way (Janukavicius, n.d.), which is approximately 150 km. Of cou…

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