What role in life we would fit?

Sometimes I see people who know what they want (or pretend to do so for looking awesome), however, at least for my cases all their goals are short-term. It is not like which occupation they would love to have, what direction they want to take their lives to. In this post, I will share some of my ideas and experiences on this issue.

First of all, we all know that even in different hours of day we might want to be in some other places, some other roles. That also means it is unreliable to find your answer in a minute or two. We need an extended amount of time for this. The critical problem is that we will never be able to fully isolate ourselves from our environment so the milieu we have and the circles we are in, what they value will significantly shape our ideal self. But rather than trying to be recluse, we can take these as baseline and consider accordingly. The reverse is also true, you might be irritated about one thing spoken about jobs in your circle and that might make you biased towards something you actually would not care normally. Basically, a diary and taking note of the answers we give to the question of "which job?" for consecutive days will be very handy in a relatively short-time.

The second important thing (or might as well we may call it as a gift) is the daydreaming. Most of the time daydreaming comes in a chore, when we are bored of something and it has some insight into one's subconscious. We might even give them equal footing with the previous paragraph thing while considering our ideal occupation. Interpretation of these daydreams are imho unique for everyone in one way or another, so everyone needs to find their way through.

The last thing to consider is, of course, the benefits and problems the jobs arise in the person. It is downright impossible to find a job and maintain it without considering how tiresome it will be, how many days/hours will be left for private life, the salary, etc.

Well, this is the point I managed to arrive. For years I have had a stable wish of a purely applied environmental management research career, especially using engineering and chemistry knowledge. As always, it will be my pleasure to further this discussion in the comment section below.


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