Purging the Coronavirus panic out of your shelter

Yeah, I also keep checking Worldometers COVID data, and news always, including Nature and Science news as well about COVID-19 vaccines and drugs developed. However, at the end of the day this will not make much difference, but the following will surely do:

"Survival of the fittest."

It is self-explanatory but there may still be an illusion of "fit" word due to the meaning attested to "fitness center" and such so I will open it more. It is perfectly simple, we need to adapt to our changing environment to survive. No way around it, and just like in our entire lives, there is no guarantee to live through this obstacle and carry on later as well. The following two questions are especially for people who are not yet diagnosed for COVID-19 and anxious about it:

1-] Are you really sure that you are not currently carrying novel coronavirus?

2-] What difference would it make, actually?

Just like what we should have been doing all the time, we must eat healthy and sufficient food, drink just below to the point of having transparent urine, sleep well, stay in shape. If we are sick or having flu-like symptoms either rest in home or continue to our daily life with a mask on our face and keep sanitizing our hands. And yes, touching face with a dirty hand is always bad, and when we return our place we should first of all wash our hands thoroughly again. These are actually not much and even now comprises majority of our precautions to prevent further escalation of the outbreak. Of course, it is totally another discussion if we are to talk about the people who can't afford the basic prerequisities of a healthy life, but for now, I am restricting it to the people who can do so. And after doing almost all the things we can, we should honestly accept the outcome and if it is a bad one, fight them as much as possible with a high morale.

It is not like this is the first outbreak of humanity, even though we became far more globalized quite recently. And there is no reason to think that it will be the last, even just  a couple of months after the outbreak it may return again with a new symptoms, power and death rate. To mitigate these death rates and other stuff, we should actually have a lifelong habit of being cleaner and having a strong immune system with what we can have. The outbreak brings a new thing, social distancing requirement but this is only a "touchy-feely" distancing, there is still no obstacle on the way of communicating each other. This fact will also show who is your real friend and who is not. So rather than counting deaths/cases and panicking over isolation, one may even catch this time as an opportunity to better adapt to the life outside in general and have a serious conversation with himsel/herself.


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